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Destiny 2: How to Find the Gofannon Forge Drones

2019-11-21 12:56:19

You don't need to keep wondering how to find the gofannon forge drones in Destiny 2 because we will answer it for you.

What are Destiny 2 gofannon forging drones for?

These are a tool that will allow you to achieve the Maximum Temple during your careers, allowing you to advance in the search for the mysterious Box for the exotic sniper rifle of the Izanagi charge.

You can find the Gofannon forge in Nessus, it is located at the edge of artifacts, then it descends from the platform to the ground, you will have to move in a straight line towards in the same direction in which you appear and turn to the right to find the remains of a ship and a hole in the wall that you will have to pass to reach the Forge of Gofannon where you will find many Arc enemies.

Your best weapon at this point is the Riskrunner since it has an excellent ability to kill enemies and will constantly be using its passive for enemy arcs, and at this point what remains is to find the drones.

How to find gofannon forging drones in Destiny 2?

The location of the drones is near the crashed ship, the first will be high, near the beams and broken beams of the ship, while the second is near the side of the sand, between rock outcrops, on the left of the crashed ship.

We recommend using any sniper rifle to eliminate drones.

This is all you need to know about how to find the gofannon forge drones in Destiny 2 you are ready to get them, you do not need to kill the boss, so finishing a race at Maximum temperament is enough.

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September 6, 2017

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