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Destiny 2: How to Complete A Guardian's Duty Quest

2019-12-24 10:14:24

We have made for you a guide of Destiny 2 where we will explain how to complete the mission of the Guardian's duty.

Why complete the mission of the Guardian's duty in Destiny 2?

The mission of the guardian's duty is entrusted by Saint-14, as he gives us 3 missions that we must carry out, since he does this after we have found him in the tower next to his ship in the hangar, as this occurs in In the middle of the activities to make Osiris appear in the dawn season, so let's see what that mission is for us.

How to complete the Guardian duty mission in Destiny 2?

To complete this mission it is important to follow these steps that we describe below:

Service to the community: in this mission it is necessary to help all the residents of the tower, because they have certain specific tasks that they must carry out, and it is one of the activities entrusted to us by Saint-14, but it is really comfortable, apart to bring with you 8 rewards, which is highly necessary that they can be completed, because to reach them it is important to talk with The Drifter, Shaxx or simply with Zavala, among the rewards is Crucible, Vanguard or Gambit.

Sense of duty: it is important to tell the acts that we have done to Saint-14, so once we complete the first mission and complete the rewards it is necessary to return to give the part of what we have done.

New duties: as Saint-14 already knows exactly everything that happens in the toree, then, he simply assigns us other activities and it is our duty to carry them out, for this it is necessary to unlock the new rewards book, because, with it we will have access at the opening of the obelisk of the tower, then, it is necessary to place the book on the stand of our ship.

 With this we can terminate our guide of Destiny 2, where our goal was to explain how to complete the mission of the Guardian's duty, a fairly simple activity, try it.

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
First-person shooter
Bungie, Vicarious Visions (Microsoft Windows), High Moon Studios (Dlcs)
Activision (2017–2019) , Bungie (2019–present)
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Release date:
September 6, 2017

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