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Destiny 2: How to complete Iron Banner Season 9 Quests

2019-12-26 09:36:26

Our work in Destiny 2 becomes interesting and that is why we arrived today with a guide about How to complete Iron Banner Season 9 Quests banner.

Knowing How to complete season 9 missions of iron banner is one of the tasks that we must carry out in this new season of Destiny 2, because it is a mission that is given after a meeting with Lord Saladin in the tower, because this mission requires of having a very high level and that the iron standard requires it and this is located on the top of Banshee-44.

How to complete Iron Banner Season 9 Quests in Destiny 2?

In order to complete these missions it is important to carry out a series of steps, which include certain activities against our enemies.

Light the fires: the first step is to unlock the rewards of the ninth season, for this it is necessary to defeat 30 enemies, capture 10 zones and run a super 3 times, this activity can be done in several fights or if you prefer in one alone, as long as it meets the established goal, it is an activity that must be completed extremely quickly because we are playing Iron Banner.

Iron sights: for this second step it is necessary to capture 20 zones and deal 25 hits of Iron Banner, for this it is required to complete 6 games having aligned the objectives, here we can use the exotic game of the season The Symmetry.

Iron bomb: for this step it is necessary to eliminate 100 enemies, capture 30 zones, and get 20 shotguns, for this it is ideal you handle our enemies at distances quite short.

Death Metal: to achieve this it is necessary to execute strong blows, for this we need to use the super 15 times, because here we must capture 20 zones and proceed to eliminate the guardians for this it is important to use hand cannons at least 15 times.

Iron rain: this is the last step, and here it is time to get out of conventional weapons and go for something more interesting, for this it is excellent to use the rocket launcher, because our task here is to capture 50 zones, complete 15 battles of Iron Banner and take down the guardians, for this we will use the rocket launcher 10 times, because then we proceed to take the heavy armor.

The weapons we use here have to be obtained before starting this mission.

So we can end our guide on how to complete Iron Banner Season 9 Quests, an arduous but rewarding task in Destiny 2.

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
First-person shooter
Bungie, Vicarious Visions (Microsoft Windows), High Moon Studios (Dlcs)
Activision (2017–2019) , Bungie (2019–present)
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Release date:
September 6, 2017

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