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Control has arrived with its DLC AWE to occupy us a little which allows us today to talk to you about How to complete the mission burn the darkness

What does the AWE DLC in Control bring us?

  This expansion is based on a main mission where we get Dr Hartman who needs to be defeated, as he has been in charge of unleashing some inconveniences that trigger other events, which simply leads us to know among many tasks the possibility of knowing How complete the mission burn the darkness, because we are immersed in a world where the worlds of Alan Wake and Control seem to collide, thus unleashing an imminent danger to the environment, in this mission it is necessary to move through 3 puddles to make the light shine in darkness, as this is simply a black threat that usually appears in the Investigation Sector of the Old House.
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    How to complete the quest burn the darkness in Control?


     To complete it is necessary to access three specific places and they are the following:


    •  Remove the service ducts: Our task starts at the ceiling level, since from there it is necessary to remove the service ducts, with this we manage to make a light visible in the tunnel on the end side, as it is allowed to strain thanks to a hole, you only have to take it when it falls and with it burn the darkness, completing the first of three phases.
    • Locate Limited Eagle AWE: We continue with our search and this involves getting and destroying some patches of darkness that are located in different places and which it is necessary to destroy the darkness, that happens after having managed to defeat Shaded Hartman.
    • First patch of darkness: this is a piece of darkness that is located on the right side of the orange mobile laboratory, so it is necessary to go to the distance and it can be seen through the grate, this is vital to destroy the darkness of the wagon Altered Item with the light that we got in the first floor office.
    • Second and third patch: These two patches are located on the metal beams above the train car and it is necessary to move a little to the left side to destroy one, then we move along the catwalk to locate the other darkness and proceed to destroy it. too.
    • Access the Utilities corridor: We still have three pieces to get, but to get it it is necessary to proceed to take the light that is located on the table on the left, since our starting point here is the turntable, then and with our light It is necessary to go to the office that is behind and we proceed to burn the first part of the darkness, we continue through the corridor since here we get another door that is open so we will access through it, we turn a little locating the wall where are some boxes that have wheels and proceed to burn the darkness.


     Now that you know how to complete the mission burn the darkness, it is time to do it and see that this trip is simply interesting, which is one of the many activities that we managed to do in Control.

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