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2020-08-31 11:06:29

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Bosses simply tend to offer us formidable fights in Control so let's not go around and see How to beat Hartman in AWE DLC

Who is Hartman at Control?

  This is nothing more than a boss that we get in this game, it is necessary to be properly prepared to face it, because it is simply a real annoyance which simply means that it is a not very pleasant battle, especially because we are in a dark place with him, which can put us at a disadvantage, so we will have to be as agile as possible to choose to get the power again and proceed to turn on the switch, because knowing How to beat Hartman in AWE DLC is simply complex but not impossible.
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How to beat Hartman in AWE DLC in Control?

 The fight against this boss can simply be difficult, because even if we have already seen it here it can become a bit more delicate, but we can use the spaces, and this is particularly because we can carry out this fight on a roof, from here It is possible to execute some shots that can reduce your health, but this does not mean that we have won even because this simply means that the most complex part is yet to begin, because at first you will choose to turn off the lights and proceed to heal, which simply It will make us move as fast as possible by turning them back on by connecting the 2 cores that managed to fall off.

 However, this boss is not alone, because he has some cronies with whom we can get, only that restoring the energy before them is necessary to prevent Hartman from being cured, after his restoration, it is our time to do damage, because it is possible to flee and damage at the same time, at this point we have managed to eliminate the Hiss, we will also be able to turn on the energy again which allows us to dodge the boss's attacks and choose to eliminate it.

 Now that you know how to beat Hartman in AWE DLC it is important that you do it on your own and give your life a little more action than what Control usually has for everyone.

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