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The new challenges we encounter at Control lead us to teach you how to gain the ability to form in the DLC Foundation.

What should we know about the DLC Foundation in Control?

Included in the DLC foundation we have included a power with the name of Shape, which is found differently, from the common of the main game, this consists of 2 steps, Create and Fracture, the rest will depend on us, such as the order, no matter what, certain areas will become inaccessible reaching the middle of the DLC, it is possible after we advance to get both powers, only that the one we choose first will set the course of the CLC, to know how to obtain the capacity of the DLC Foundation, let's pay attention to this guide and its content to be presented.

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    How to get the form capacity in DLC Foundation in Control?

    When we start we are presented with 2 options to choose from, on the left Create, with this we can carry out the construction of crystals for the platforms and on the right we have Fracture, with which the destruction of the crystals is possible, from the expansion we have that both are different abilities, Shape, with which it is possible to manipulate the crystals in different ways, it should be noted that it is possible that we obtain both later, which allows one of the 2 to be blocked at the time of our choice, for a time between 1 to 2 hours, from any view both have their usefulness, so we can choose at the beginning the one that seems most appropriate to us, once we have completed the 2 rituals with the power we have chosen, we will be sent again to where we choose the power at the beginning, obtaining the power that we left out, be it Create or Fracture, we will go through the tutorial again as if it were the first time to pass it, the loss of content When it does not exist, by completing the tutorial we will have access to everything covered by the ability of Form, creating or destroying crystals with these powers.

    We hope this detailed information on How to get the formability in the DLC Foundation here is very useful for your progress and fun in Control.

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