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Today we make a Control guide for you, we focus on explaining where to find the identification cards of the Pope collection

What are Pope ID cards in Control?

These cards are nothing more than a collectible for a specific mission by Emily Pope, they are a DLC of this game, the important thing here is that if the cards allow us to represent each of the workers who are part of Base Camp, we must choose to get them all with a single purpose, return them to Emily Pope, since they are part of the Pope`s Collection Foundation, here is the importance of knowing where to find the identification cards of the Pope collection
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    Where to find the Pope collection ID cards at Control?

     Firstly, before we can start our mission, we receive the master key from the warehouse that allows us to open all the doors of Emily's hand, since she allows us to find the cards that are available during the mission and this means that we must get five cards.

    • This is probably the easiest card to get, since it will be in a room on the far right, the card is at the bottom of a litter located on the left side, for this it is necessary to go to the warehouse and immediately proceed to look for the yellow rooms, since they have bunk beds inside, because with it we began the search that we have made about where to find the identification cards of the Pope collection.
    • Once this is achieved we move in search of the second card and this is also easy to find, since it is only a matter of locating ourselves at the top of the ramp in order to get to another yellow room where it is necessary to enter, there we will see the table where the card is and take it.
    • Our search for the cards in Control leads us to the third card, this card was obtained on top of a scaffold that is located relatively close to the location where the second was, for this it is necessary to go to the left side of the yellow rooms, then we proceed behind the building to pass behind a fairly large spotlight until we reach the desired place.
    • We can get this card quite close to the yellow rooms, that is, they are quite close, and we really need to go up high enough to opt for our card, starting from the road above the rooms and going to where the scaffolding is. It is located on the right side, so that we can see some rocky platforms that we can remove from the face of the wall so that they can take us to the top, the important thing is to remove any platform that can take us high enough, where allows us to see a huge white pillar, then we will see that on the right side of this is a fairly small entrance, where we entered, since our card is inside.
    • This is the last card that we must get while we go in search of our objective that implies knowing where to find the identification cards of the Pope collection, this card takes us to a place quite close to where we were for the previous card, because we will have to mobilize to the bottom of the huge white pillar, once down it is necessary to open the door where we will use the warehouse master key, once we enter, we move inside where we see the card on the ground

    Where can I put the cards in Control?

    With all the cards in our hands, the next step leads us to want to find the location where we must place them, since they can be used in order to activate the elevator to go down, but we must always bear in mind that it is important to place them in the correct order if we want it to work.

    • The first card meaning the Primary Physicist is placed on Newton`s Cradle's desk as a poster.
    • The second card or Chief Security Card has the video and radio equipment as a signal.
    • The third card is that of the Chief of Excavation Engineers and should normally go on the desk as long as you go with your pick next to the other tools.
    • The fourth card or that of the Chief Cartographer should be placed on the desk with some books and a map.
    • The fifth and last card or card of the Head of Investigation should also be placed on the desk in close proximity to a computer and typewriter, in addition to some books.

     This is simply everything you should know about where to find the Pope collection identification cards, you only need to take a tour to locate them, since they are all close, in addition to following a specific order when placing them and enjoying Control.

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