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We bring you a Control guide to help you understand where to find the jukebox with the necessary details.

  We are in Control with the new mode of expeditions, here we will have an outstanding activity in which our capabilities will be tested, therefore it will be necessary to understand where to find the jukebox, which is hidden in a room, This search brings with it many fights, the most difficult part being the search, but at the beginning of the mission we will not be far away, so that we have more answers we must rely on this guide and its content to be presented below.
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    Where to find jukebox in Control?

     Through this search it will be possible to unblock the expeditions, which will have their beginning when finding chips for the jukebox in Central Executive, which is next to the checkpoint, of course, if we had not caught it once We have the file, we have to talk to Arish about it, they will explain that this anger in a jukebox that is very close, the location is certainly not precise, but if we have explored it is possible that we have seen it, in such a contrary case, It should be noted that it is not very far, starting from the control point in Central Executive we must go to the southwest, passing through the metal detectors, entering the door that is on the right, the machine will be in the center of the room discs, when carrying out an interaction, will send us to an unknown area, we have to advance until we reach a central camp, here we will find a recording that at the same time generates some enemies of H iss once we have heard it, we kill them all and finish the mission.

    What do we have to know about the expeditions in Control?

    Back with Arish, we will understand more about the expeditions, this is itself a new end-of-game activity, with which you start with tokens for the jukebox, these tokens must be made of 1, 3 and 5 Increments, for the control points using the source, these accounts with different difficulty modes and that the rewards are increased by the scale of said difficulty, the cost in chips will be greater according to the difficulty is higher, being the risk higher. Being on an expedition, we have only 25 minutes for us to complete the objectives that are presented, if we finish earlier, we will have the reward and if it is not the contrary, we will not win anything, this serves as preparation for the DLC Foundation that comes after the main story.

    Obviously knowing where to find the jukebox allows us to progress while having fun at Control.

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