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2020-09-02 12:36:07

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Know how to find all the hidden locations in AWE as this is an interesting task that we can do in Control.

What do the hidden areas in Control have for us?

  The first thing we must understand is that knowing how to find all the hidden locations in AWE simply allows us to have the possibility of getting some interesting elements, because this is a game where we stay active enough and we must have some necessary details, because without These areas cannot be fully expanded, with them it is possible:


  •   Get an achievement or trophy.
  • Earn skill points.
  • Get a Service Weapon.
  • Get personal mods.

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How to find all hidden locations in AWE in Control?


  •  Locate the abandoned offices: This is the first hidden location that we need to find, for this it is necessary to make some attempts to get a large hole in the wall, as this leads to an area that is hidden and it is only possible to get it using the ability to push, to get this secret area it is necessary to visualize the sign that is above and says File and Processing, this will take us to an office where we find the gray wall that has a filing cabinet and we will tear it down, enter and take the rewards between the that there is the option to feed the plant that will be useful in a secondary mission.
  • Find the observation deck: Our work to find out how to find all the hidden locations in AWE allows us to get to the deck, a hidden area to which it is necessary to reach through the elevator shaft to reach the Lower Access and move to the left, achieving get to where some boxes are located.
  • Find the lower Access: Get some golden boxes is our task to get this hidden area of ​​Control, this means that it is necessary to start from the rotating platform of the lower access control point, it is important to avoid the enemies while we are going down, then it is It is possible to access the door that is labeled as Bridge Operator to get the indicated path, this is somewhat dark, however, it directs us to the door that directs us to the Exchange Offices, here it is necessary to levitate the top one Once we have turned, avoiding the road, to proceed to visualize the golden boxes.
  • Finding the Limited Eagle AWE: This is a fairly dark passage that it is necessary to get to because there are some favorable and necessary rewards, the good thing is that before reaching the rewards it will be possible to have a light that is on the side right of the passage, to get to this area it is necessary to locate ourselves at the Águila Limitada AWE control point to access a room that contains a record player, there we eliminate an enemy, we face the record player which places the car at our right, it is only necessary to get off and turn to be able to see the wall, there we use the ability to push to break it and enter.
  • Locate the AWE transit bay: This is the last hidden area that we must find and to access it it is necessary to knock down a wall after having achieved a musical surprise, to get to this place it is necessary to take the control point of the room Águila Limitada AWE, move through the change passage to reach the office that is located on the left side, avoiding the astral spike at all costs, from here it is necessary to move and go down for this it is necessary to push the wall in front of us, access and get up the passage to finally reach the room where the modulation box will be in Control.

 Now that you know how to find all the hidden locations in AWE it is time to find them, since at least 4 are highly necessary in Control, this is a task that makes us mobilize a bit in this game, try it, it is worth it

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