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Control: How to punchcard terminals puzzle - Restart HRA Machine

2019-08-27 18:22:44

Through this Control guide, we will give you instructions that you should follow in the punchcard terminals puzzle, follow our tips that will be of great help.

You must solve punchcard terminals puzzle, in Control so you can restart the HRA terminal, for this you will need 5 punch cards. Restarting the terminals is one of the objectives of a mission that players have to do. You must hit 5 cards in five terminals of the HRA machine so you can turn it on.

How to Restart HRA Machine?

In Control, you must arrive at the HRA laboratory, you will have help through blackboards with some designs that you must interpret, the designs are expressed in cubic forms and are the key to the terminals that you need from the punched cards to enter the terminals .

You have to collect all possible punched cards, once you get them you should check the number that the machine has on the side where it indicates which card you should use in that slot. If you look closely, the first white board reveals the patterns to follow and the second indicates the pattern of the card that you should use in the second and third terminals.

You have to be aware of an arrow that will indicate when to switch between the two cards specifically the third is the second and the second is the third. Now the white piece Nut 3 will tell you which is the pattern of the fifth terminal. There is nothing left to do but place the punch cards in place so that the HRA machine restarts and this opens your mission.

We hope this guide has been very useful for you in Control so that you can assemble punchcard terminals puzzle and complete the mission, remember to exchange the second and third cards.

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