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Control: How to Melee - tips and tricks

2019-08-27 13:56:25

Learn to melee in Control. Here we have the best tricks for you.

In this section we will show you the best tricks and tips that will help you melee in Control, the third-person action video game.

How to combat melee in Control?

The advantage melee practicing in this game is that you manage to stun your opponent momentarily, being able to take advantage of this situation, so in addition to the Weapon of service and psychic powers, this technique can be quite effective.

To perform a melee you must press the following command depending on your console:

  • For PS4, press: triangle.
  • For Xbox One, press: Y.

This will give you the opportunity to hit a nearby enemy and stun him, by doing so, take the opportunity to inflict more damage with the rest of your team.

Update your melee

While moving through Control you can access the direct dial telephone, with the aim of updating your melee.

Now that you know how to melee in Control, it's your turn to put it into practice.

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