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Guide to learn how to play with other characters in Moving Out.

  The interactive game has a wide variety of truly unique characters, such as the characters that have a toaster or a donut as a head or others where they are a variety of creatures. If you have several characters as favorites with this guide we will teach you how to change them to your liking.
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How to play with other characters in Moving Out?

You are probably motivated to change when you play more cooperatively with 4 other players. So if you want to learn how to change them, it is very simple.

There are 2 ways to do this and the first is simply by going back to the main menu and selecting Continue Game again. Then you will have the opportunity to select your preferred character and change it.

Although the other way is also just as easy, in this case you can do it if you are on the game map, at the bottom of the screen you will find some options and select the one that says "Edit" you will be able to access the choice of your character .

Pressing the button symbol that's there (square on PS4, X on Xbox One, Y on Switch) will take you to the same character selection screen that you would return to when jumping into the game initially.

Scroll through the options with the d-pad button and press X (A on Xbox and B on Switch) to confirm your choice.

When you learn how to play with other characters in Moving Out you will also realize that you will be able to unlock other companions while you play, so it is great to be able to switch between them as you progress through the games.

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