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We invite you to discover in this Sakura Wars guide the explanation with details on how to work instant Kill Attacks.

In Sakura Wars we must try to use the different combat mechanics correctly, since this can become a great determining factor in each of the different situations in which they are required, this time we seek to understand how to attack instantly, by Let us turn our attention to the following content.

What is Instant Attacks in Sakura Wars about?

Instant death attacks can be very useful, they are easy to use in the arsenal that each character possesses, being a way to kill our enemies, regardless of who is in many occasions with a single blow, which allows us to It helps save a lot of time and effort, the importance of knowing this we will see now, although it does not have as much attention as the other mechanics that we find in the game, let's keep going.

How do Instant Attacks work in Sakura Wars?

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The first step to follow is that we must have a perfect evasion, which occurs when dodging an attack by an enemy, before that we will press R1, which will let us know that we did it, when the screen goes blank and for a few seconds time will slow down, there at that moment we will quickly attack our enemies before they launch a counterattack, having the perfect evasion, we will attack to bring to a point the health of our enemy no less than 50 percent, here we will see a notice appear that will tell us to press the triangle button, when doing so instant death occurs, this message appears while slowing down time for perfect evasion, in case in that short period we do not press the triangle, It will not be possible to make this move until we have another perfect evasion.

 We concluded that knowing how to work instant Kill Attacks is easier than previously thought, with these guidelines it should be easy to execute these movements in Sakura Wars.

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