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This time we bring an explanatory guide to Gears Tactics where we talk about How to change your name we will see.

What does it mean to change your name in Gears Tactics?

Normally make a change in the name it becomes one of the useful activities in a way while you are immersed in this game, because you can become useful above all that is in the possibility of obtaining certain improvements especially in terms of your appearance, especially in specific specific aspects, because there you can make changes in terms of facial hair, the inclusion of some scars, tattoos, hair style, among others, because they can simply become someone else.

How to change your name in Gears Tactics?

The name is one of the many things that we can modify in this game, because without a doubt this represents some specific type of change, and to do so, just select one of the troops in the menu, this takes us to the loading menu where we will be able to observe weapons and other additional elements, our objective is to move down and in the lower part of the menu is the option of the name, we select here and then we can make the change that we consider necessary not only in the name, since the surname can also be modified right there.
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The details of the customization are really quite a lot and they give us freedom to be able to do it, of course, all in a certain framework, because it is possible to get us with some minimum restrictions that may be necessary in one way or another to be fundamental elements to obtain optimal results. .

In Gears Tactics we get specific with two types of characters without exception, they are the heroes who are characters like Gabe, Mikayla, or Sid and the troops who are simply their first line of combat, specifically they are the ones who help the heroes to win the battles

Finally, knowing how to change your name is a little more force and courage when facing enemies, because it makes us prevail, this being an excellent advantage in Gears Tactics.

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