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Minecraft is a very lively game, so it leads us to discover How to change the weather.

What to know about the weather in Minecraft?

Depending on the weather it is possible to perform different tasks, through the weather command a change becomes necessary to meet the necessary parameters to progress, then through a weather command it is possible to do it, whether in rain, thunder or clear, now It is ideal to understand How to change the climate and with the following content we will arrive at the answers, let's see.
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    How to change the weather in Minecraft?

    In the chat, the command that allows us to make the change is presented, with this we have to present it as follows:


    •  weather rain: with this we will make the rain appear in the game, if at that moment snow falls, the rain will be seen
    • weather thunder: the thunder will be heard in the game at the moment we want
    • weather clear: a change occurs in the weather that we are clear, whether it was raining or thundering, this will stop and the blue of the sky will be seen.


     It should be noted that it is necessary that the traps are activated, the option is available once we are creating a new world in the settings, the commands must be copied and pasted in certain boxes / menus and that is as follows.


    •  On consoles: we have to open the chat with the use of the D-pad and we will arrive at the site to write the command that allows us to change the weather
    • On the PC: we open the chat by pressing T and we can paste any of the commands that allow the weather to change, this process applies to everyone equally.

     It is clear that knowing how to change the weather allows us to have more fun in Minecraft.

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