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We invite you to discover How to fix the frozen something that needs to be corrected in the Nintendo Switch.

What to know about Nintendo Switch?

 When we are playing on this console we have a sudden obstacle, which freezes, then it is necessary to look for the different solutions to this problem, so the content of this guide focuses on How to fix the frozen and for this we must go ahead.

How to fix freezing in Nintendo Switch?

 Dock and undock: this consists of the brief interruption of those that is presented in the console, if it is frozen it is appropriate to do this, we will notice that it returns to normal operation for some cases, managing to return to playing normally, but in case of persisting problems you have to make a new coupling, instead of making an expensive purchase, it is possible that the third-party spring could be the solution and is at an optimal price.

The Start button: the game may be the cause of the console freezing, so you must press the start button while in the game, in this way we will see what happens when doing it, if we appear in the start menu we will close the game to restart it
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    EL Restart with power on: through this button it is possible to perform a hardware reset, for this we press the power button for 15 seconds, seeing that the screen darkens and the lighting returns again, the logo of the Nintendo Switch appears, the result must be correct operation.

    The blue screen: now if in relation to How to fix the frozen we are presented with this screenshot, we have to follow the only way to send the console to restart it for us, losing even the saved data, this if the previous solutions have failed.

      We hope that the detailed information here on How to fix the frozen, has been useful for the proper correction in Nintendo Switch

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