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Angel Marquez
2021-01-15 14:51:59

More about: Rust

With our Rust guide you will learn more about how to fix lags and freezing.

What to know about Rust?

When we find ourselves playing some inconveniences, this has to do with Lags and freezing, despite the fact that we have such an advanced PC in the same way we cannot avoid the situation, something that possibly be related to the configuration, then To have some possible solutions it is opportune that we see in the text that is to come How to fix the Lags and the freezing, we only follow the following carefully.

How to fix Lags and freezing in Rust?

Stuttering, FPS drop, lag and freezing can be related to the requirements of our system, they are certainly high for proper operation, being on the PC we have to consider that for Rust the following requirements are necessary:

  • Have an Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX-9590 or better for CPU
  • Have 8GB of RAM
  • Have Windows 7 64 bit as the operating system
  • A better GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 graphics card
  • About 10 GB of space on our hard drive

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The game settings: certainly although we are not complying precisely with the necessary resources on our PC with a configuration it is possible to run the game, in the case of stuttering this may occur because we slightly exceed the necessary specifications, where high settings may be the factor of this failure, then what we will do is decrease the graphics of the games in the settings, the system can be stressed with a high configuration, thus presenting multiple failures.

The resolution and texture: both must be reduced to have a better performance that avoids stuttering and the increase in FPS

Full screen mode:
stuttering can be caused by window mode, so doing it in full screen can be a solution to How to fix Lags and freezing

Change of servers:
depending on the server we have chosen, it may be the cause of the problems, this due to the location of the servers that make us see stuttering and delay, so it is appropriate to make a change to one closer to our location.

Unnecessary programs:
until now, if the bugs persist, we have to consider that some program may be interfering with the operation of the game, so launching it in a clean boot is necessary, and for this we will do the following:

  • We will press Windows R and place msconfig
  • We will go to the option of services
  • We give you to hide Microsoft services
  • We turn off everything
  • We go to the beginning to enter task manager
  • We disable and restart the system

Knowing how to fix lags and freezing is interesting, because it is possible to resume the action that we found in Rust.

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