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In the Minecraft Dungeons universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat the skeleton and here the necessary details will be covered.

 In Minecraft Dungeons we will meet some secret bosses, these are the skeleton horsemen, these appear randomly with the purpose of attacking us, without any reason, without the possibility of reasoning with them, so it is important that we know how to beat the skeleton and with help from the content of this guide will be possible, we just have to follow the advice presented below.


What to know about the skeleton in Minecraft Dungeons?


 It is necessary first of all that we perform the unlocking of the difficult adventure, since without these they will not appear, we will achieve it by completing the game in its entirety and defeating the Archi-Illager, after this we will go to the main menu of the selection of the missions , finding the adventure difficulty present in the lower right, the result of that is the appearance of the skeleton riders, being possible to find them and in some of the missions to finish them, in case the appearance of them is infrequently Although we get to do things well for its appearance, now to know how to beat the skeleton, it is necessary to continue reading to know everything.
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    Where to find the skeleton in Minecraft Dungeons?


     In some missions these riders appear, which are Creeper Woods, Soaked Swamp, Cacti Canyon, Redstone Mines, Desert Temple, Pumpkin Grasses. Keep in mind that we will find them here and as we see they are not in all the missions only some, in the default difficulty it is possible that they appear in the Cacti Canyon, but nevertheless the chances of it being so are very low, now let's go to the details related to How to beat the skeleton, let's pay attention.


     How to beat the skeleton in Minecraft Dungeons?


     Among the many fights that we will have in the game, this is one of the simple ones, although if we compare it with the enemy of the mafia it is more difficult, of course, we have to give birth these are in groups of 4, they will be riding to our surroundings while they go firing arrows, let's take into account that each one of them has their health bar, our movements have to be in this instant around this while we shoot so that we don't receive much damage, explosive weapons will allow us to hit them from a distance, they always try to stay away from hand-to-hand combat, which means that our best weapon will be our bow and magic if we want to harm them, we can finish them quickly without escaping unless we have a weapon of great power or using the objects that help us in speed, the rewards they leave are very low in emeralds compared to other bosses or enemies in particular, only that the experience if it is something to highlight.

     In this way we finish our Minecraft Dungeons guide, now you know how to beat the skeleton, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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