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Minecraft Dungeons has for us many things that we can do, we invite you to read the following enchantments guide.

What are enchantments for Minecraft Dungeons?

The truth is that in this construction game it is necessary to know a little about everything and the Guide to resulting enchantments, especially considering that charms allow us to incorporate some weapons and armor, each having its specific enchantments for defenders. in the dungeons, as these special effects can allow us to obtain some considerable improvements and to be able to leave unscathed when fighting with the enemies.

What is the Enchantment Guide at Minecraft Dungeons?

One of the most striking aspects here are the enchantment points, without them we are nothing, since they are a fundamental element when it comes to getting our character to level up, there are 15 ranged weapon charms, 17 body weapon charms and body and 18 armor charms.

Guide to ranged weapon enchantments at Minecraft Dungeons.
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    Effect and charm.

    • To achieve an increase in attack speed it is necessary to use Rapid Fire.
    • To increase the damage and recoil effect of charged shots it is necessary to use Overload.
    • Power is required to increase arrow damage.
    • Dealing increased damage, while projectiles can grow and travel in midair, requires increasing projectiles.
    • Punch is required to increase the effects of recoil.
    • You need to hit an enemy to send them into a fury, something that is quite visible on the part of the hostiles towards us, they require The Wild Fury.
    • In order to increase the attack speed for each consecutive attack, it is necessary to Accelerate and increase the speed.
    • To replace the arrows once we have used requires Infinity.
    • To opt to bounce off the crowds you need to get the Bounce Arrows.
    • It is possible to execute a shot with an extra arrow to each enemy that may be nearby, thereby reducing damage, it is ideal for dealing damage and we can opt for the Bonus Shot.
    • Getting a shot from a temporary charge that can explode after one second has passed allows us to generate a Molten Shot.
    • Achieving increased damage to enchanted enemies allows us to use the Disturbing.
    • We can pierce enemies by using Piercing Projectiles.
    • It is possible to shoot 5 arrows simultaneously so it is ideal to use Multi-shot.
    • Achieving a 20 percent chance that our healing zone spawns by healing allies allows us not only to upgrade the healing enchantment but also to get a Glow Shot.

    Minecraft Dungeons Combat Weapons Enchantment Guide.

    Effect and charm.

    • It is possible to get the Mobs to be slow for 3 seconds and for this it is necessary to Freeze them.
    • Hitting enemies to catch fire and take damage requires the aspect of fire.
    • Hitting an enemy for a 10 percent chance to get souls requires the Siphon of Souls.
    • Increasing weapon damage by level allows you to opt for Acuity.
    • Achieving a 30 percent chance to summon a Poisonous Cloud while doing damage over time is accomplished using the Poison Cloud.
    • Hitting enemies to decrease the damage of their attacks for less than 5 seconds requires weakening.
    • Having the ability to stun enemies needs Stun.
    • Achieving a 30 percent chance to tie down enemies for a short time requires using chains.
    • Healing our character with an HP potion from the mob we've defeated is possible with Leech.
    • Increasing the chance that mods can drop some consumables can be achieved by Looting.
    • Overthrowing the crowd to achieve 50 percent attack speed is possible with Runaway.
    • Performing an additional attack after having made a quick succession attack can be accomplished with Echo.
    • Gaining at least a 30 percent chance to summon a bolt of lightning at enemies that may be nearby is usually achieved with Thunder.
    • Enemies have a chance to take more damage when there is a Compromised Wounded.
    • Undead enemies can take more damage by hitting them.
    • Enemies can drop some emeralds. Prospector is required.

    Armor enchantment guide at Minecraft Dungeons.

    Effects and charms.

    • Having the possibility of diverting projects from enemies is achieved through Deviation.
    • Increase the speed of movements in a short period of time by dodging with light feet.
    • It is possible to use the Dodge scroll in order to create a flame behind us that we can do damage to enemies after a while using the Tail of Fire.
    • Using only one healing portion can allow us the ability to create food at random through Food Reserves.
    • Dodge by rolling to electrocute enemies that may be nearby by electrifying.
    • Obtaining a healing potion offers us the possibility of reducing the damage received through the Barrier Potion.
    • Fire an artifact to regenerate a small amount of HP with Health Synergy.
    • Get enemies to take at least melee damage and for this it is necessary to Burn them.
    • Reduce artifact cooldowns by Cooling.
    • Use 1 Healing Potion to create a random consumable with The Surprise Gift.
    • Shoot a snowball that stuns enemies using the Snowball.
    • Take damage to return it to enemies achieving a 200 percent effect with the Thrones.
    • Being below 50 percent HP will increase attack speed with Frenzy.
    • Exploring 100 blocks per map allows you to get HP and use the explorer.
    • Gather the enemy's soul for increased movement speed using Soul Speed.
    • Being at maximum HP allows you to get the highest melee increase and ranged damage with Cowardice.
    • Taking projectile hits increases the chance of creating an arrow cart through Recycling.

    Definitely this enchantments guide is fantastic, here you get each charm and each very specific effect to achieve the use indicated in Minecraft Dungeons.
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