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Minecraft Dungeons is more than just building, let's see how to open the gates.

Why open gates in Minecraft Dungeons?

This is an activity that we really should consider especially because it is necessary to move through dungeons that make our lives a bit complex due to the enemies that we can get ourselves, the idea is to go through and proceed to free the villagers, to then finally have We have to go to the creepy Crypt, since it is necessary to consider that normally we will be surrounded by enemies, so the combat here is something of the most normal thing.
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    How to open gates in Minecraft Dungeons?

    The first thing we should focus on is the possibility that it is necessary to fight enemies upon reaching the statue and when eliminating them, finally start the mission "find the missing tome", then it is necessary to proceed through the entire creepy Crypta until finally reach a region where we are presented with the possibility of being able to walk and dedicate ourselves to looking for some levers.

    Once we move the levers, obviously we will get some enemies that we must eliminate to achieve our goal and that the gates can be opened, it is actually a simple activity but it can be confusing on some occasions, so if this is the case It is possible to locate us on the yellow icon of the map, this takes us to the locations that we require.

      Anyway, knowing How to open the gates should be considered as a simple but necessary and important activity in Minecraft Dungeons.

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