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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-22 22:41:31

More about: Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty has a bit of everything to do and therefore knowing where to find animals is vital.

What do the animals represent in Medieval Dynasty?

These are just a type of necessary and valuable resources that we can get in this game, as it has several uses, some can be used in crafts thanks to their skins, some can be more complex to find, since it is necessary to hunt them, all They are edible and what allows us to have the possibility of surviving without starving.

Where to find animals in Medieval Dynasty?

It is possible to have different locations to find them, although it is necessary to consider that these may be subject to change, for example there are some animals that we can find in the river areas such as deer or foxes.
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  • To get animals it is necessary to understand that:
  • The white circles are simply areas we need to go looking for Squirrels.
  • The red circles indicate that they are areas where we can hunt Wolves.
  • The blue pentagons indicate that they are areas where we can get bears.
  • The green pentagons indicate that they are areas where we can get pigs.
  • The orange circles indicate that it is an area where it is possible to hunt foxes.
  • As we head to the yellow pentagons we can get bison.

Now that you know where to find animals, it's time to go get them at Medieval Dynasty.

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