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Angel Marquez
2020-09-30 15:16:50

More about: Medieval Dynasty

Today we bring you a Medieval Dynasty guide where we will explain how to get rid of tree stumps.

What to know about tree stumps in Medieval Dynasty?

Being necessary the construction of the buildings and even our own village we have that the tree stumps are blocking this purpose, since these have to be scattered throughout the game and will not allow our constructions in these, so it is necessary that to do so Let us know how to get rid of tree stumps and for those of us who are interested in this important fact it is necessary that we put our focus on the content to be presented in this guide below.
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How to get rid of tree stumps in Medieval Dynasty?

What we must do is approach these tree stumps and hit them, which allows them to be removed, there is another option that we can use and this by pressing the Q button, in construction, agriculture and the field, which we will do It is the placement of the field and this stump will end up disappearing, but it is ideal that we go for the option of hitting it because it turns out to be the simplest option without so many processes.

Clearly knowing how to get rid of tree stumps allows us to have more fun at Medieval Dynasty.

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