Angel Marquez
2020-09-28 09:53:45

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This time we return with a Medieval Dynasty guide with the objective of explaining how to destroy buildings.

What to know about Medieval Dynasty?

  Based on building our dynasty we have to create things and thus make it last for many years, which we have to focus on agriculture, construction and other tasks that allow the progress of our colony, but sometimes it is necessary that we destroy buildings or houses to get to build something new, having spaces for other constructions or to do them in a better way, which makes it necessary to understand how to destroy buildings and the next content of this guide will help us in this regard, we just have to continue reading carefully.
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How to destroy buildings in Medieval Dynasty?

 It is important to emphasize that if the fields are fertilized, it is not possible for this to be removed, it is necessary that we wait a year for them to pass until the crops are grown, the fields must be empty and thus we can build something through the construction menu we are going to choose the option to destroy, pressing then Q we are going to choose to build, we are going to agriculture to finally choose the field, even with a click it is possible to drag to move it, while to destroy a building or house It is necessary that we have a hammer equipped and we must click the right mouse button to choose the object or field to destroy, since the hammer serves to demolish things and work in the field, but if there is cultivation it is not possible to do so. later it is possible that by means of an update the fact of the elimination of the fields changes more easily.

 We came to the conclusion that knowing how to destroy buildings is easier than thought with these guidelines, just applying them will suffice and we will continue to progress in Medieval Dynasty.