Lidia Rozo
2020-09-22 15:37:24

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Medieval Dynasty allows us to achieve many things, only today we are focused on talking to you about where to find rocks

What are rocks in Medieval Dynasty?

This is another of the necessary resources that are important to find and we can also use regularly, as this as such requires some effort because we only have to get them even though this may be a rather slow process.

Where to find rocks in Medieval Dynasty?

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The process of generating rocks is quite slow, however, it is not impossible to achieve, because for this it is necessary to take a look behind the houses deeper into the forest, but not far from the village areas, since the places that we choose to look for to build our house located on flat land next to the river can be an excellent option to get rocks, in the same way it is still a complex task.

Knowing where to find rocks is undoubtedly complex, it requires an amount of effort to gather them, it is necessary to walk a little but always be attentive to the sound of the footsteps, as this allows us to understand if we have stepped on only grass or a possible rock, so we take advantage to review and proceed to take the rock that can serve as a possible tool in this game.

This is all you need to know about where to find rocks, it will definitely take some time, however it is an interesting search on Medieval Dynasty.