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Discover the secrets of How to get fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty and enhance your farming skills.

Welcome to our friendly guide on obtaining fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty! In this article, we'll walk you through two simple methods to craft fertilizer and offer some helpful tips along the way. So let's get started!

 How to Get Fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty

Method 1: Crafting Fertilizer with Manure

To craft fertilizer using manure, you have two options - either gather two units of manure or collect ten units of rot. Here's how you can obtain manure:

  • 1. Acquiring Pigs: Pigs play a vital role in producing manure. You can obtain pigs by either purchasing them from town or breeding them yourself. Pigs can be found in the Animal Trader's inventory and can be purchased for a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can invest in a pigsty and breed pigs to have a sustainable source of manure.
  • 2. Feeding Pigs: Once you have pigs, it's important to feed them animal feed regularly. Animal feed can be crafted using wheat or barley, which can be grown in your fields. Feeding pigs is a time-consuming process that takes approximately an hour in-game time. Make sure to allocate enough time to feed your pigs regularly to ensure a steady supply of manure.
  • 3. Crafting Fertilizer: Once your pigs are fed and assigned, you can use the manure they produce to craft fertilizer. Head over to a workbench or assign them as farmers in a barn for easy access. At the workbench, select the crafting option and choose the fertilizer recipe. You will need two units of manure to create one unit of fertilizer. Crafting fertilizer will require a small amount of time, so plan accordingly.

Method 2: Using the Rot Method

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If you don't have pigs or a pigsty yet, don't worry! You can still create fertilizer using the Rot method. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Non-Food Storage Containers: Place food items in non-food storage containers, such as regular storage chests or crates. This will prevent the food from being consumed by your villagers and allow it to spoil over time.
  • 2. Compost Bins for Faster Production: To speed up the production of rot, consider building compost bins using four logs each. These bins will store food faster and spoil it quicker, generating more rot for crafting fertilizer. Place the non-food storage containers near the compost bins for easy transfer of food items.
  • 3. Collecting Rot: Once the food items have spoiled and turned into rot, you can collect them from the non-food storage containers. Each unit of rot can be used to craft one unit of fertilizer. Head over to a workbench and select the crafting option to create fertilizer using the rot.

Additional Tips and Recommendations

  •  Purchasing Fertilizer: If crafting isn't your preferred method or you're running low on time, you can purchase fertilizer from town for five coins per unit. This can be a convenient option if you need fertilizer quickly or are focused on other aspects of the game.
  •  Co-op Assistance: Setting up fertilizer production can be more efficient with the help of friends in a Medieval Dynasty co-op game. Assigning tasks to different players, such as feeding pigs or collecting rot, can streamline the process and ensure a steady supply of fertilizer for everyone involved.
  •  Crop Rotation: To maximize the effectiveness of fertilizer, consider implementing crop rotation in your farming strategy. Planting the same crop repeatedly can deplete the soil's nutrients, making fertilizer even more crucial. Rotate your crops by planting different types of crops each season to maintain a healthy and productive farm.

Crafting fertilizer in Medieval Dynasty is a crucial step towards optimizing your farming and agricultural endeavors. Whether you choose the manure method with pigs or the rot method, we hope this friendly guide has provided you with the necessary knowledge to enrich your crops and boost your success in the game. Remember to prioritize feeding your pigs regularly or setting up compost bins for a steady supply of manure or rot. Happy farming!

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