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2020-09-29 09:15:13

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Guide to learn how to get manure in Medieval Dynasty

  Many of the basic resources you need in the game are found on earth, so looking for them is your duty to be able to prosper in this game. One of these resources is manure that is used a lot in the agricultural part. So having these resources is a priority and in this guide we will teach you how to do it.

How to get manure in Medieval Dynasty?

Manure is an essential material that you will need for farming because it will help you cultivate after the first batch is collected. so if you want to get dung in the game, the easiest way is to buy it in the villages. You can buy it in a place that is in the middle of Rolnica and Branica. You can locate it on the game map.

Once there Meet Rajmund, talk to her and you will know that she also sells feed, meat and rye grain. You can also get it in Rolnica where you can buy it from Tomira.

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Once you buy the manure, you can start plowing the land, putting in seeds and cultivating. The use of manure, mainly, is to make the land fertile enough to grow more lots of crops.

There is another way to get this manure and it is buying a cow and feeding it well. But it is a long process that needs a shed first. Therefore, the easiest option is to simply buy the manure in the first part of the game.

  Now that you know how to get manure in Medieval Dynasty, you can take advantage of this material when doing earth work in the game.

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