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In the Medieval Dynasty universe we have many tasks, one of them is how to pay taxes and here we will tell you to do it.

What to know about taxes in Medieval Dynasty?

It is one of the most frequent tasks that we will see in the game, it is necessary that taxes are paid or the debt will accumulate, in order to achieve survival and the construction of a dynasty it is necessary that we know how to pay taxes, In order to have the following answers, we are going to have the necessary content in the text to guide us, let's see what it brings us in this regard.

How to pay taxes in Medieval Dynasty?

We must pay the tax in coins, this for the constructions and the use of the fields, in the central town of Gostovia we must pay the Castilian, the fact of not paying it in the year this will be added as a debt, each year is the collection of the interests, apart from the new taxes, in the event that we do not pay them we will see our reputation affected, even if we get to place ourselves at -10000 we will end up being expelled from the valley and thus our game will end, so It is important not to ignore this mechanism, taking into account the fact that knowing how to pay taxes and that they are made with coins is ideal to see what to do to obtain them and that we will do by continuing to read.
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    In Medieval Dynasty it is possible to use a business that can generate the coins and this is the breeding of animals, among which are chickens, geese, pigs, sheep goats and more, open lands are of great help in this task, where it is also necessary that we build a special building, in order to increase the population it is necessary to feed them very frequently, it is possible to buy food or create it, agriculture can also help us to obtain money, for this it is necessary to adapt the land to This task, so we are going to create a 16x16 field, we plow it and plant the seeds, to do so we will have the bag and the use of a type of seed must be separately, we will get it when buying it or sewing it in sewing, while Let's improve our status in the game, there are many activities that can additionally help us obtain the coins necessary for paying taxes.

    Finally, now that we know how to pay taxes we can move on to Medieval Dynasty.

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