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Medieval Dynasty brings us many tasks and this includes knowing How to heal, let's see.

When should we heal in Medieval Dynasty?

In a game where survival is the most relevant factor, it is necessary to know how to heal, as there are times when we can be attacked and as a consequence see our health cut, so it is practically impossible to go far until we heal. It is necessary to know that some of the problems that force us to heal are:

  • To be hungry.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Being attacked by animals.
  • Be poisoned

How to cure in Medieval Dynasty?

It is necessary to consider that there are many ways to do it and they are the following:
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    • Moral mushrooms: These are one of the necessary resources to heal us, they usually spawn in the forest mostly in the fall and can be somewhat compiled to find.
    • Flat bread: this bread can be consumed in the tavern after building it, since they are made here and each one of them can give us 5HP of health.
    • Sleep: It is necessary to understand that it is only possible to sleep at night to heal ourselves, as this is one of the best ways we have to restore our health and thereby continue our progress.
    • Make a campfire: The heat of the campfire is one of the elements with which it is possible to count on when it comes to healing, so it is necessary to lie down something close to heal, so that it will only be necessary to take a few sticks to make it.
    • Broadleaf Banana: this food is necessary to heal us because it is only necessary to locate the forests, because specifically between Gustovia and Denica it is possible to find them, it is impotent to know that they offer a good amount of healing.
    • St. John's Wort: this is a necessary plant that we can get in the jungle and it is ideal to eat it when we have been poisoned by consuming other foods.
    • Get a wife: Being with someone can be a necessary and interesting option, because getting a wife allows us to have someone to help us when we are sick.

    Definitely, knowing how to heal is highly necessary in Medieval Dynasty, because for our good fortune there is more than one option, so it will only be necessary to find the one that is most accessible to us.

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