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Our adventure for Genshin Impact allows us to tell you How to raise Friendship Levels, let's see.

Why to raise Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact?

  There is the possibility of playing alone, however, sometimes it is feasible to play with 4 characters, which allows us to make these changes at will and thus achieve a high  friendship level, to our advantage it is possible to have a total of 30 characters playable, and each of them has a friendship level, as this can help us explore the world of Teyvat.
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    How to raise Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact?

      This is a task that requires a certain amount of time and above all, a lot of patience, since it is necessary to reach adventure level 12 and this can be done in more than one way:


    •   First choose to reach rank 12.
    • Unlock daily missions called commission missions.
    • Complete the dungeons.
    • Perform the random events in the world.


      Getting to raise Friendship Levels allows us to get some considerable amount of knowledge for a certain character, it is also possible to have the opportunity to distribute the dungeons, and some events of Teyvat, as this has been incorporated to get more knowledge, and equally so that the friendship can be greatly increased.

      This is all you need to know about how to raise Friendship Levels, as it is a necessary task in Genshin Impact.

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