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Angel Marquez
2020-09-30 15:39:07

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Find out about How to use voice chat using Discord server in this excellent Among Us explanatory guide.

What to know about voice chat in Among Us?

Communication in the game is possible through voice chat, taking into account that this option will not be enabled, certainly the popularity of the game is very high, chatting is possible only in emergency situations or when a death is reported, it is normal that being constantly in communication with the keyboard of the PC or the mobile phone will become tedious, which can mean the change many activities, now it is ideal that we look for answers as to How to use voice chat using the discord server and to This the following content will be of vital importance that we see it.

How to use voice chat using discord server in Among Us?

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It is necessary that we download discord first, for this we will go to the website of this or on our mobile it is possible to have the application, after we already have it we will open it and go through a necessary registration if we do not have an account, then we will go on to create a server, which must have a name and photo, now we will choose a game mode and thus we get the link to discord, with all those who want to play we can pass the link obtained, we can then go to the game lobby by clicking In the lobby under the voice channels to enter, with the permission granted we will be able to speak through voice chat with our friends when they accept the invitation sent and join through the link.

In conclusion, knowing how to use voice chat using the discord server is excellent, since it allows us to communicate in a better way and have more fun in Among Us.

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