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2020-09-03 14:16:11

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If you are one of the players wondering how to complete the Marvel's Avengers Hero Challenge Cards you have to read this article.

How the hero challenge cards work in Marvel's Avengers.

First of all, you must understand that Hero Challenge Cards are one of the ways the game provides its players with new content as it expands. And each playable character will have their own hero challenge card.

The cards contain cosmetics, emoticons and unlockable finishers that you can obtain as you progress.

All six launch heroes will have their challenge cards unlocked for free, however the following characters will be priced at $ 10 in in-game currency. Fortunately, as you complete cards for other heroes, you will receive free credits that you can use for DLC cards.
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How to complete the Marvel's Avengers Hero Challenge Cards.

The first card you will have access to you will receive about two hours after the campaign mode, however, the problem is that the game does not explain well how to unlock each level. But basically there are two ways to increase the level of your card and we will tell you how to complete the hero challenge cards in either of the two ways.

The first is buying levels, the first of which is priced at 100 credits, that is $ 1 per level and taking into account that each character has their challenge card, the best thing you can do is save enough.

The other way is by completing the daily and weekly challenges that are in the Challenge Cards tab, this being the main way to level up the cards. Keep in mind that each hero has her own challenges.

 That's all you need to know about how to complete the Marvel's Avengers Hero Challenge Cards remember that so far, those are the only two ways you can level up the Hero Challenge Cards, so we hope you can draw make the most of them.

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