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Knowing how to use other characters is an interesting task that we can carry out in Crusader Kings 3, let's see.

What does Crusader Kings 3 bring us?

  This is a game where we are offered the possibility of controlling a kingdom and with it territories, vassals, soldiers and a whole population that will be at our mercy and under the decisions we manage to make, but there are some occasions in which it is vital to make use of of other characters outside the traditional ones, because just as in real life it is possible to get tired or simply because we have prepared a marriage agreement.
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    How to use other characters in Crusader Kings 3?

     The ability to change character is quite simple and does not require much effort, but if it is important to know that it is not possible to play in Ironman mode, once we are in another mode it is necessary to open the pause menu and choose to select Change of character, the good thing is that here we are presented with several options, we choose the one we consider necessary and from here we move through the map to play as the traditional characters of the dynasty, although if we are not sure it is possible to hope that the game will select some character to play randomly.

     Playing with these other characters is possible and it is only necessary to take a look at the procedures, it is possible to make some alterations or modifications of some rules, so much so that we can take the liberty of making this game can become multiplayer, which simply represents a change interesting.

     Some of the playable characters are:

    •  Emperors
    • Counts.
    • Courtiers.
    • Dukes
    • Barons.

     Now that you know how to use other characters, it's only time to give this game a twist and do it with a little more freedom, because Crusader Kings 3 lends itself, so don't stop trying as it's worth the effort.

    Microsoft Windows PC, Linux, macOS
    Grand strategy, role-playing
    Paradox Development Studio
    Paradox Interactive
    Clausewitz 2 + Jomini
    Release date:
    1 September 2020
    Single-player, Multiplayer

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    video game, gameplay, price, 60fps, steam

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