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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-30 16:01:19

More about: Mafia Definitive Edition

Knowing how to change the weather is an interesting task that we can do in Mafia Definitive Edition, let's see.

Why change the weather in Mafia Definitive Edition?

  As the games come out, we realize that they usually have simply interesting characteristics and knowing how to change the climate here is interesting, because it is part of the additions that have been put into this game, and above all it is we ourselves who have the possibility of make these changes, a matter that in a way is part of history.
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    How to change the weather in Mafia Definitive Edition?

     To make this change it is only necessary to go to the Salieri bar, enter and go up through the stairs, to get to the back of the bar, because our goal is to get to a room where we will observe some pool tables, then It is necessary to go up and turn right to access the door that is on the right side of the room, where we can get to the office and see a couple of paintings that have a certain similarity to the ones we get to make changes in the hours of the day .

     It should be noted that here it is possible to observe a total of 2 paintings with which it is necessary to interact with a specific one, only that it will be necessary to choose the one of rain, we can take outside the one of clear weather since this allows us to have a sunny weather.

     Definitely, knowing how to change the Weather is not a complicated task, however it is necessary in Mafia Definitive Edition, since there is nothing like working under a comfortable climate.

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