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Today we are going to tell you How to beat the swamp hive, a necessary task in Serious Sam 4.

What is the swamp hive in Serioius Sam 4?

  This is a creature with a rather ugly appearance, as it is a head that resembles a spider, it usually has a mouth full of blood in addition to some organs inside its mouth which usually gives it a rather unpleasant appearance, it also has some Pointy legs that can make it somewhat scarier than it already is.

How to beat the swamp hive in Serious Sam 4?

 It is necessary to understand that this boss has two particular attacks, he hits the legs and uses the Beatles generators, this boss usually has some additions, because he will choose in a second part of the fight to attack with more power, which makes it simply be it a complex fight and where it will be necessary to test our capabilities, because here this boss comes out alive, there is no other choice.


  •  This boss has a good amount of health, so it is necessary to use weapons such as the Devastator AS-24, or the XPML21 rocket launcher, the Lasergun XL2 pistol is also possible.
  • It is necessary to make use of the H.E.A.R.T Gadget as this helps us to revive ourselves.
  • Use the Time Warp Gadget to slow down time.
  • Deal as much damage as possible to this boss while within AoE.

 Now that you know how to beat the swamp hive, it's time to equip yourself and go to meet him in Serious Sam 4.

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