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Angel Marquez
2020-09-28 16:47:16

More about: Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia Definitive Edition is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover where to find all the hidden cars.

What to know about the cars hidden in Mafia Definitive Edition?

  It is a collection trophy that will lead us to obtain some hidden cars in the game, this with the purpose of unlocking said trophy, considering that it is 5 cars, which as we progress in the stories we will find some advertisements within the Bertone car service, this on our map is towards the south of North Park, having to locate 5 postcards that will take us to the locations of the cars, now the purpose of this guide is to guide us as to where to find all the Hidden cars and details come next, let's follow them.
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Where to find all hidden cars in Mafia Definitive Edition?

 In the main menu we must enter free mode, to later know where to find all the hidden cars and these are the following locations:


  •  First: it is necessary that we go to look for a large building that is in the lower right corner of the central island, noting the existence of a patio with garages, when accessing through the door on the left we will find the fire lance
  • Second: to the right of Lake Fyer there is a structure, we have a brick house on the other side that contains a garage because here we find the following car
  • Third: we have to get to the downtown sector, where there is a portion that is called The Waterfront, we will notice a building to the right of this store, we access the door and it is necessary that we destroy some boxes that we find here, to have access to the hidden place to find this car in Mafia Definitive Edition
  • Fourth: in the Works Quarter neighborhood, you will find a brick building in the center of the area, where there is a labyrinth, it is necessary that here we always go to the right and in the end, knocking down a door, we find the car.
  • Fifth: in Beech Hill there is a lonely house, it contains a garage where we are going to find the fifth car but here we are going to have problems with the owner, and we need to be prepared.

 This is how we end our guide on where to find all the hidden cars, hoping that you can get the best out of Mafia Definitive Edition, a fairly busy game.

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