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Today we bring you a Mafia Definitive Edition guide where we will explain how to change the outfit.

What to know about Mafia Definitive Edition?

  This special edition brings with it some tweaks in the graphics, in the ballet there is a new soundtrack and a free walk mode is added in which it is possible to carry out explorations around the world with total freedom and even change clothes, these It is possible to do in the Salieri bar, where we have a facade of operations of the Salieri criminal family, we can say that it is a base of the mafia and it will also help us to change, but it is necessary that we know how to change the outfit, For this we have the following content, let's follow it closely to see what we find.
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    How to change the outfit in Mafia Definitive Edition?

     We have to play in the new mode that this edition brought with it, it is the free walk mode to be able to make the change of outfit, on the title screen we are going to choose said game mode, which will place us by appearing in the Bar of Salieri in Italy, in this way a deep exploration is not necessary to find the change of outfit, what we will do is go to the bar and look for a white icon on the mini map, here is a closet with which we must interact Before we go out it is possible to change the outfit here, we will get a menu where all the available costumes will be presented, with the action button we will make our choice.

     There is a great variety of outfits that we will be able to unlock, among the unlocked we will find sweet and chic mafia aspects of the 30s, which allows us to steal and even kill around the city, to achieve the unlocks it is necessary to complete the missions , having a 2K account linked to the game, the story progress, the phone booth challenges and around the world finding the ones that are hidden, there are also some via bonuses.

     It is clear that knowing how to change the outfit allows us to have more fun in Mafia Definitive Edition.

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