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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-10 15:12:18

More about: Lost Ark

Lost Ark comes loaded with many interesting activities, and in this sense it is necessary to explain how to repair items.

Why repair items in Lost Ark?

Because it becomes necessary to face different enemies as we progress, we will be immersed in a number of missions and in this sense, we must take into account that progressing will make some objects break and in this sense it is our job to take care of repairing them, This is because as we progress we will get more enemies that it is necessary to face.

How to repair items in Lost Ark?

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It is important to keep in mind that keeping the equipment in perfect condition is the key to staying alive in this game, and therefore it is necessary to consider:

We must take care of getting a Repairman as a first step and these are usually obtained in different towns, this can be seen as an anvil icon to which it will be necessary to approach and interact with it, once this has happened we will see that the repair menu appears, In addition to the objects that can be repaired, in addition, we are shown the price that each item usually costs to repair and the durability, the latter is quite good because it is here that we choose which ones can and cannot be repaired.

Trade skill tools can be repaired only by clicking on the trade tool's menu, this is typically done in the repair menu which is located next to the equipment repair menu.

We end this guide on How to repair items, so that it will only be enough to have money and go for the repairmen in Lost Ark.

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