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Angel Marquez
2022-02-10 15:09:06

More about: Lost Ark

We invite you to discover how to teleport, a new task in Lost Ark.

What to know about teleporting in Lost Ark?

  It is something valuable in the game, which avoids walking or going to places with a mount, we have this option available for some points on the map, which allows us to limit the time in which we will arrive at our missions, now To know how to do it, let's closely follow this guide and its following content.


How to teleport in Lost Ark?

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To be able to do it we are going to depend on the Triport that is found through the maps, you recognize it by the 4 pillars that will be surrounding its circular plate in the center, it is important that to unlock the Triports we have completed a mission, then just walk and pressing the G key we can activate them, by doing so we have to press the M to access the map, where we will see a list of places on the left of the screen that turns out to be the Triports to which we can teleport, only we will pay for it, a Once we choose the destination to which we will go, a song is heard that will make us wait a few seconds before the activation that will teleport us, it is important to unlock the Triports because otherwise we cannot use it, being gray means no Triport is activated.

  Now that you know how to teleport, just do it and keep progressing your fun earned in Lost Ark.

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