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Angel Marquez
2022-02-10 15:08:10

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We welcome you to our Deep Rock Galactic guide where we will talk about How to get the Tritilyte key.

What to know about the Tritilyte key in Deep Rock Galactic?

It is an object of great value that can be reused in the game, which allows us access to machine events, which brings with it outstanding rewards, so it is vital that we know how to obtain it and to do so we follow the instructions that this guide brings for us below.

How to get Tritilyte key in Deep Rock Galactic?

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What we must do to unlock it is to promote a dwarf when it reaches level 25, then it is necessary to stay with the class until reaching the required level, when we manage to have the key our participation in the machine events is possible, which are be random by appearing during the missions, with which rewards such as experience, credits and improvements are obtained, the Matrix core cosmetic being remarkable and even a possible weapon Overclock, the key will be used in the core infuser and we have to press the 4 buttons that will be seen around the event structure, with the unlocking of the key we also access the Tritilyte crystal events, which is one of the 4 events that make up the machine events.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to obtain the Tritilyte key has been very useful for your fun and progress in Deep Rock Galactic.

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