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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-10 15:07:33

More about: Lost Ark

We continue talking about searches in Lost Ark and what leads us to explain how to find Korumba´s cat.

What does it mean to find Korumba´s cat in Lost Ark?

Embark on a necessary quest that is part of the game and that aims to keep us as busy as possible, for our good luck, this game has many things to do, there are stories and collectibles that make completing the Adventurer's Tome at 100 is a mandatory task.

How to find Korumba´s cat in Lost Ark?

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It becomes necessary to focus on a story in which it is necessary to take care of going to the southeast of Prideholms in order to reach the farm area, in this sense, it becomes necessary to take care of looking for the west of the section to see a tombstone that It is under a tree, it is necessary to take care of interacting with it and to achieve it, it will only be enough to press "G" or, failing that, do it with the left mouse button, once we have executed it, a window is shown that usually tells us the history of the cat, in addition to seeing the location of the cat.

  • It is good to keep in mind that the cat is part of the hidden story that the game has and that are usually distributed in it.
  • Hidden stories are often lost quite easily.
  • When finding hidden stories, we must take into account that they usually do not offer more than a nugget of information.

This is all we know about how to find Korumba´s cat, so we invite you to embark on this quest in Lost Ark and thus complete another task.

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