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With our Lost Ark guide you will learn more about How to change the language.

What to know about the language in Lost Ark?

  The language that the game brings is English, but if it is not the right one for us, we can change the voices that will be heard during the scenes or dialogues of the missions, we can only go to the native language considering that the development of the game was in Korea, Now to know how to change the language, let's see the following content.

How to change the language in Lost Ark?

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We press on the services option that is located in the lower right part of the screen, here we go to the game menu, which is the ESC on the keyboard, we go through the configuration in the central part of the menu, we enter configuration, and we find a new menu where the audio option is, here we will choose the menu of you in the audio options, the available languages being English, German, Spanish, French and Korean, we will also be able to access a Korean VO DLC pack on Steam means it's important to have the base version of the game downloaded.

  We can conclude that knowing how to change the language is easier than thought, it only remains to do it and put the language of our preference in Lost Ark.

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