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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-10 14:57:13

More about: Lost Ark

There are many interesting things in Lost Ark, which today allows us to explain how to open your storage.

What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

This is a system that we have and that usually has a certain similarity to a relationship system, this must be unlocked to be able to interact with the NPCs, only that in order to give it the necessary use in the game we must unlock it, and it is on this that let's talk here.

How to open your storage in Lost Ark?

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This is a task that we achieve when we give away objects, or make emotes or simply play music, that is, when we do some simple activities, what we must take into account is that each NPC usually has different levels of Rapport, which makes it necessary to have to increase gifts.

This is a task that makes it necessary to take care of completing missions from the NPC and once this has been done, we increase our Rapport.

Establishing the relationship with the NPCs is usually simple, we just have to look for the pink hearts that are usually shown on the map.

The NPCs that we must find are:

  • Neria.
  • Yes it was.

In this sense, knowing How to open your storage embarks us on the possibility of completing missions in Lost Ark, so you must be prepared to make some gifts and thereby achieve another objective in the game.

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