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Angel Marquez
2022-02-22 04:14:04

More about: Lost Ark

Today we bring for you a Lost Ark guide where we will tell you about how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found.

What to know about the error 105 corrupt data found in Lost Ark?

 This is a problem that occurs when important game files fail to load correctly or have some corrupt situation, which prevents the game from starting and among other errors, now looking to know how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found we have to follow the details that are going to be presented in this guide below, let's see it.


How to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found in Lost Ark?

There are many things that may be causing this problem, with the installation location, configuration, Steam overlay, background tasks, VPVs or security software and more, as for how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found in Lost Ark we are presented with some options that can help us and these are as follows:

  • Delete Mod files: while we are employing mods for Lost Ark we have that it could cause problems when starting it or in the middle of the game, which leads us to have to remove these mods and go on to download it again as to how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found, with which we will be removing the lock in case there is also a different application.
  • Installation on different drive: what we will do once we uninstall Lost Ark is to install it on another different drive, because the storage can be the factor that causes this problem and as for how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found.
  • The config files: this option takes us to the file explorer where we choose the drive where we have Lost Ark, then we go to the program files to open the Steam folder, in steamapps we will go to the game, in EFGame we open the Config file and the next thing is to enter the notepad to make a change to full screen -1 and borderless -0, now we save.

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  • Disable Steam Overlay: as for how to fix error 105 corrupt data found we have that this application runs in the background and may be the root of the problem, then to disable it we will go to the Steam menu, we give it in settings, look for the overlay option, enable the Steam Overlay and apply, restart so that the changes are saved.
  • Close background tasks: as unnecessary tasks are running, it is appropriate that on how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found in Lost Ark they are closed, because they will be consuming additional resources of our system, then we press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to get to the task manager, here we enter the process option and choose the tasks that are in the background, we have to click on end task to close them one by one, then we restart so that the changes apply.
  • Deactivate the VPN: to check that our system is not affected by the VPN, we need to find out how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found in the deactivated VPN, because being in a private network, errors like this can occur.
  • Disable security programs: this option leads us to check the problem in Lost Ark, because the antivirus or firewall block the game then we start by going to start to find the firewall, we choose it to give in enable or disable Windows defender firewall in the left pane, we will be on a page where we choose to disable it for the private and public network, we accept so that the changes are saved and restart, now in the case of the protection we press Windows + I to enter in the configuration of Windows, we go by update and security, here we have Windows security, we press to open it, in the option of virus and threats we enter to administer configuration, the following thing is that we are going to deactivate the protection in real time and finally we confirm to do it.
  • Update of Windows: it is possible that we have a version that adjusts to Lost Ark, for that reason it is necessary that on how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found we are up to date with the updates, for which we press Windows + I to enter the configuration menu, we give in update and security, later in search updates in Windows Update, of having it we are going to unload it and to install, when it is completed we will make a restart so that it is installed.
  • Update of the drivers: it is possible that in our PC there are drivers that must be updated so that the performance in Lost Ark is optimal, which takes us to the menu of beginning to enter to the menu of access where we find the manager of devices, we enter to the corresponding driver, we choose the option to update so that it looks for of automatic form, in case there is an update it is going to be downloaded and to install of automatic form, then we restarted so that the changes apply.
  • File repair: the last option on how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found takes us to the Steam library to search for the game, we enter its properties and go to the local files, now we go to verify the integrity of the game files, we wait for this process and finally we restart our PC.

Finally, now that we know how to Fix Error 105 Corrupted Data Found there is the possibility of returning to normal gameplay we have in Lost Ark.

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