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2022-02-21 21:01:37

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In the universe of Horizon Forbidden West we have many tasks, one of them is How to play Machine Strike and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Machine Strike in Horizon Forbidden West?


It is a kind of mini-games, which is a 1v1 board game, its gameplay is similar to checkers or chess, where each participant makes the construction of a team of machine pieces that will be placed on the board, each of eta piece has a point value according to the movement, being attack, defense, range and victory points, the purpose is to beat the pieces that our opponent will have, gaining 7 victory points, as we progress we will face more complex opponents that are found by the settlements, being the first of these Chainscrape, then to know how to play Machine Strike we can follow the indications presented below in this guide, let's see.

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 How to play Machine Strike in Horizon Forbidden West?


The strategy is very important to seek victory, so we start with the Bristlebacks, pieces that we will find quickly in the game, they have important passive ability that cause damage to the pieces that are nearby, but can affect ours as well, it is appropriate to pay attention to the terrain, being the height and the types of these that can cause different effects, being in the wrong place our pieces can be destroyed, the overload of our pieces certainly damage them, but it can be useful to win the game, but we must do it at the right time, taking care not to lose them all.

Now that we know how to play Machine Strike we can have a better performance in this game option that we have in Horizon Forbidden West.

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