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Angel Marquez
2022-02-17 15:44:58

More about: Lost Ark

With our Lost Ark guide you will learn more about how to fix Not Connect to the Game.

What to know about Not Connect to the Game in Lost Ark?

  This is one of the many problems that the game goes through that are related to the connection, it does not allow us to access, the messages have been different for each error, but they can be the same problem, they prevent our access to the session of correctly, suggesting a server problem, now to know how to fix could not connect to the game, please follow the content below.

How to fix Not Connect to the Game in Lost Ark?

There are a few options to consider as to how to fix Not Connect to the Game in Lost Ark and the details of each of them are as follows:
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  • Verification of the game files: it is necessary that we see if the files are updated and verified in Steam, for this we right click on the game to go to its properties, in local files we will verify the integrity of the files.
  • Check the internet connection: it is important to have a stable connection, so we must check that it is so, so restarting our router can help.
  • Check the status of the server: we have to stay on top of the maintenance, because it may be the reason for the problem.
  • Add our main character through our alternative account: this problem occurs indirectly in our account, it is essential that regardless of the block we have to see if we are still connected, so creating an alternative account is necessary to add to our character as our main friend, at the moment that we give an invitation an error is presented and it is indicated that the player is not connected, that we enter our main account to check the disappearance of the error.
  • Restarting our PC: we can restart Steam and the PC or turn it off, making a disconnection to wait a few seconds to connect it again, we start the game to see if the problem persists.
  • Play later: It is necessary that we try to connect again the next day.
  • Contact the support service: when nothing works, what we have left is to contact the game support, which can determine a failure with the server.


Knowing how to fix Not Connect to the Game is interesting because we can once again return to the fun that is featured in Lost Ark.

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