Angel Marquez
2022-02-17 08:39:10

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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, so it is necessary to tell you how to fix Crashing on Android.

What to know about Genshin Impact Android crashes?

It is a problem that occurs when you want to play, there is a blockage or it does not load completely, being the most affected in this case Android, leaving the application not working correctly, now to know how to solve Crashing in Android, this is presented guide with the following content, let's see it.

How to fix Crashing on Android from Genshin Impact?

There are a few options that we can consider to help us how to fix Genshin Impact Android crashes and they are as follows:
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  • Check the system requirements: It is important that our mobile has enough RAM and adequate storage for this game, the details of the requirements can be obtained online.
  • Reinstallation of the game: we only have to do the reinstallation of the application to see if it works correctly.
  • Delete the cache and storage: for this option we will go to the settings, applications and search for the game to force stop, we enter the storage and cache to choose the option that will delete, then we restart.
  • Run with low graphics: it is possible that by making the appropriate settings you can prevent the game from crashing.
  • Chrome and Webview update: these applications can cause the mobile to block when they are not updated, so we will search the Play Store to see if there are any updates to them.
  • Uninstall Webview updates: in case of having updated and the solution is not presented, we have to remove everything related to this application completely, for this we go to the settings, applications and notifications, in all the applications we will look for this to enter the option of the three points and with it uninstall updates, we accept and restart.
  • Download the game from the Samsung Galaxy Store: for these phones it has been the right solution, avoiding doing it through the Play Store, we download and run it.
  • Use another operating system: when playing on another system such as iOS, there are no crash problems.
  • Check the status of the server: if the game is not in service, it may be due to maintenance and therefore we have to connect at another time.
  • Contact the support service: if we can't get anywhere with the above solutions, we just have to send a ticket to support or cross our account with the PC or console.

 This way we finish our Genshin Impact guide, now you know how to fix Crashing on Android, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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