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Angel Marquez
2022-02-10 15:20:02

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The action in Lost Ark does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to beat Rudric.

What to know about Rudric in Lost Ark?

This is a boss that we are going to face in the adventurer tome in the lost ark, this confrontation can also be had with other people on the server, considering that we do not have a high enough level, support is ideal, because it is only impossible for now , through the global chat we can check the notice of the other players for help, starting from it to know how to beat Rudric let's follow the following details.

How to beat Rudric in Lost Ark?

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We find it in the southern part of the cemetery, starting from Regria to the east, this by the Retharamos border area, it is important to note that it appears every 30 minutes, has a huge scythe and also spawns some undead minions to face us , it should be noted that on How to beat Rudric he has a health of 10 million, it is necessary that we have health objects and be attentive to his movements, staying close is important, considering that he has a blue ring around it we have to avoid it whatever, because outside of it or near it, not because of the damage, on the contrary, it is afraid that we will get caught in it.

At some point we can be paralyzed receiving attacks out of fear, among the important attacks it has is the summoning of a horde of minions, which occurs at the moment the ground around Rubric turns red, we have to be ready to dodge and attack the monsters that will appear, it also has a red cone attack, if we get to the red point we will be damaged and fly through the air, now having enough objects in Lost Ark to heal us, phoenix feathers and at patience factor we are going to come out winners of this fight and receive the loot for achieving it.

 Knowing how to beat Rudric is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Lost Ark.

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