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Saber How to Find All Family Secrets is one of the necessary goals in Little Hope.

How many family secrets can we get in Little Hope?

Our journey through this horror game where survival is simply our best and only bet leads us to focus on knowing How to find all family secrets, it is important to understand that this search allows us to have the possibility of getting the Too Dark Secrets trophy, in such a way that it offers us the opportunity to locate and find a total of 25 secrets, which are usually detailed in an orderly manner below.

How to find all the family secrets in Little Hope?

  • The newspaper, the city closes: This is the first secret that we get in this game and it is located on a table, which leads us to have to get to the Black Cat Bar, talk to Vince and go to the exit to find the table to our right.
  • The Poppet Doll: We continue our journey to know how to find all the family secrets and this leads us to locate the Poppet Doll, only this has no greater science since it will only be necessary to choose to leave the bar to get it.
  • The Magic and Ritual book: Little Hope has managed to occupy us a bit and with it embark on a search for family secrets and to find this book it is necessary to be cautious since it can be lost easily, so our task focuses on finding a hut, on the one hand John is usually scared a little and chooses to run away, so that we complete our task by telling that Andrew does not panic, being a necessary task to find out why John has been scared and preventing Andrew from running away since our book it could be lost if it leaves, so we focus on moving the QTE to enter and see that the book awaits us on the left side, so that it will only be necessary to take it and go.
  • The protest signs: There are several things we will do to find out how to find all the family secrets and this makes us have to walk and enter a building that is abandoned since the posters are on the right side, this usually happens once that we have gotten Daniel and Taylor down the ledge where they found the building.
  • The protest posters: We continue through the same location of the signs at Little Hope and we are offered the possibility to look at the wall of the abandoned building that we have entered before to observe the signs, just take a look outside to observe the signs. posters.
  • Dad's keychain number one: knowing how to find all the family secrets allows us to have the opportunity to visit some interesting places and this makes us continue in the building still, because it is important to consider that we must move to the ground floor and navigate through the QTE In order to get to the registration desk, from there it is only necessary to walk a little behind in order to check the shelf and find said secret.
  • The marks on the walls: Our task to get these family secrets allows us to move around Little Hope with some speed and this leads us to walk in search of a cell that is somewhat withdrawn where it is only necessary to move a wooden plank that offers us the opportunity to reveal the marks that are more of a message, as this is a task that usually occurs in the police station, as this makes us have to leave the room and thus manage to go to the left towards where the double doors are located from the bottom, since our target cell is the most remote.
  • The praise: Once we get the marks it is time to go in search of the praise and this makes us have to leave the cells to move back to the room, in such a way that walking a little allows us to get the Jail signal in front of us on a pillar, in such a way that it will be necessary to walk in the direction of the room in front to see the eulogy hanging on the wall.

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  • The poster of the band: Knowing how to find all the family secrets is simply an important task and this leads us to direct us to point our flashlight at the telegraph pole and move towards it once we have managed to leave the police station.
  • The charm of the sun: Little Hope makes us take a long journey through family secrets, in such a way that it is necessary to continue our way on the left side and go out to burificacion, because this task usually occurs in the cemetery where it is necessary to be alert because the Secret here is something delicate and can be easily lost, now, it is necessary to access the family section and from there turn left once more to walk to the bench where we get the charm located on the ground.
  • Tanya Clark's grave: As we progress we realize that knowing how to find all the family secrets is a more complex task than we could hope, however, to get this grave it is necessary to continue in the cemetery, since from the bank where the charm was, we proceed to turn around to locate a row of graves that is on the right side to walk towards the middle and move some flowers to expose said grave.
  • The Team Photo: We continue our tour and proceed to locate a place where we get a photograph on the wall, which leads us to enter the abandoned factory at Little Hope once we have managed to meet Abraham and Judge Wyman in advance.
  • The commemorative plaque: This game offers us the opportunity to embark on this search and thus find interesting places where the secrets are found, this specifically makes us have to leave the place of the previous photograph and walk a little further to take a look at it to the plate that is crooked on the wall on the right side and proceed to straighten it as this will allow us to get the family secret.
  • The disciplinary letter: We still have places to visit to find out how to find all the family secrets and this allows us to move to the room on the right side from the plate, because in this room it is necessary to check the first drawer since it contains the letter in Little hope.
  • The family photo: Once we get to check the box we turn around and take a look behind us to check the cardboard box that is located above where the image is.

  • The periodic factor closes: To locate this newspaper that is on the desk it is necessary to go down the stairs to reach the ground floor in order to reach the room on our right side.
  • Vince's photo: This photo is in a box which makes the search a bit easier, since this makes us have to leave the previous room, go through the stairs and turn left, then walk in the direction of the lockers and go to the right side for our box.
  • The newspaper causes fire: As we progress in this search we realize that knowing how to find family secrets is simply interesting and to find this newspaper it is necessary to take a look at the dead end where said paper is located, to get to this place it is necessary to move through the building where we observe some debris until we reach the locker where we will see two turns only that we must take the first.
  • The old car: The family secrets in Little Hope are quite a lot and this specifically makes us have to interact with said vehicle that will be located after a cut scene, this occurs after walking under a brick structure.
  • The newspaper clipping: This clipping is saved and it is our job to get to where the trunk of the vehicle that we got earlier is located, in such a way that we will pop it to locate the clipping.
  • The wedding photo: This image is usually obtained lying on the ground and to find it it is necessary to enter the burned house to gain access to the second room where the photo will be.
  • The charred book: this Little Hope object is located near the previous photo, so that it is necessary to go to the end of the room to take the book from the floor and turn the page on the right side to get this secret.
  • The child's drawing: it is necessary to leave the burned location behind and return again along the path in the direction of the main door since it is necessary to get another secret, it is the child's drawing that is on the left wall near the door.
  • Grandfather's clock: Once we get the drawing, we have the possibility of turning to the right to observe the clock, as this usually happens when we pass through the door that is located on our left.
  • The crude doll: this is a very complex secret that makes us have to focus on two particular searches that are family secrets and witchcraft secrets, since between them they add up to a total of 49 leaving out this one we are talking about since It is the final secret, because in a way when we get to this it simply opens the door to reach the end of the game to the point that it is necessary to convince Vince that he is not a bad guy, since this allows us to achieve it every Tomorrow and with it, he will reach the final scene where we get the doll, and the opportunity opens up that with the witchcraft secrets we can get a good ending.
  • Walking on the road: It is necessary to walk through it since it allows us to get the puppet, because the idea of ​​this is to have the flashlight of our phone ready to observe the circle of stones and with it the puppet in Little Hope.

Definitely, Little Hope is a game that keeps us well active and attentive to every eventuality, in such a way that knowing how to find all family secrets simply becomes one of the most interesting searches that you should consider doing to take advantage of this game.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope
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Interactive drama, survival horror
Supermassive Games
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30 October 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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