Angel Marquez
2020-11-03 08:02:29

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With our Little Hope guide you will learn more about how to get all endings.

What to know about the endings in Little Hope?

We have that there are a total of 3 endings in the game, this focus on the fate of Maria, these being the good, neutral and bad end, now to have details of How to obtain all the endings it is necessary to continue with the following text presented by this guide below.
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How to get all the endings in Little Hope?


  •  The good ending: We have that at the moment where Mary is accused of witchcraft, we have to go through a detail that will determine its end, it is important that we discover the priest's bible and the secret that is related to the witchcraft museum when driving Daniel, it is about the necessary evidence that indicates the wickedness of the priest, due to the demonic marking in the bible of this, causing the accusation now to go in the direction of this priest, at that moment that we make the discovery we will choose to choose furious and insistent, this due to the doubts that Abraham will have in spite of everything, the latter then lets the judge know of the tests and we have that Mary will stay alive which will lead to a good ending.
  • The bad ending: in this one we have to all end up dying, for Maria ends up dying burned at the stake, going through the scene in which Andrew is asked by Abraham about what to do, having the options to choose between worried and insensitive, which will lead to Abraham accusing Mary and that she pays for it, being the but is necessary as the end of the game.
  • The neutral ending: in this one we have that Maria does not end up being condemned, so the choice to follow will lead the Judge to eliminate the puppet, this is possible through the choice of worried and hopeful, having the result where the judge throws the puppet falls to the ground, passing through a scene in which Maria is not sentenced to die but everything remains unsolved.


 In this way we finalize our Little Hope guide, now you know how to get all the endings, just enjoy it to the fullest.