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Learn how to find all white framed pictures as this is a necessary task in Little Hope.

What to know about white framed pictures in Little Hope?

These are some of the types of collectibles that we are going to find throughout the game, they bring with them some clues that can lead to the salvation of the world, we will find in these images a series of premonitions that will lead us to be attentive to the different game situations, with the 6 images found it is possible to have the solution to avoid many deaths, so it is ideal to understand how to find all the white framed pictures and we will have the details in this guide.

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How to find all white framed pictures in Little Hope?


  •  The Mortal Omen: we have that once we start in the game we can find her, after the group meeting, we will be controlling Taylor, once we can move we will go left following the route taken by Daniel and Angela, which It will lead to a truck at the end and in the back we will get this image.
  • La Misericordia: In the police station before breaking a window under Andrew's control we will go to the right, where there are some barrels next to a fence, in this place we find the image.
  • The Ritual Blade: we have to reach a point where Daniel and Taylor will have to reach a building that has the door closed, presenting 2 options, to go up to a garbage container or access by stairs, our choice is the staircase and when we cross we will reach a corridor where we will see a hole in which we will fall, but first it is ideal to go into a room that we have on the right, the image will be on some shelves.
  • The Earthbound: while controlling John in a certain part of the police station, we will go through a narrow path to the left to reach a house, on the porch of this we find the image
  • The Exorcism: When fleeing from the church having prior control of Taylor and the entrance we will go to the left to see that the image is on the table.
  • The Devil at the door: for the sixth and last image we have it in the vicinity of the historical restoration, taking into account the possible 2 routes to follow in this area, we will go by the one on the left until we reach a picnic area, in a table we find the image.

 Knowing how to find all the white framed picturesis interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Little Hope.

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